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About Carol

Always my harshest critic, I began my artistic endeavors at the age of four, clogging the family commode with rejected sketches.  I've continued undaunted pursuing all forms of art with formal training in commercial art, portraiture, landscape, still life and as a published caricacurist and cartoonist.  I was the editorial cartoonist for The Blowing Rocket newspaper for four years and proud to say never a controversy.


My education and training consist of college courses, one-on-one and workshop instruction and self-instruction.  Of my art instructors, my favorite inspirations would be Robert Burridge for his sense of abandon and Luana Luconi Winner for her formal, traditional approach.  The ultimate combination of those two aspects would be Harley Brown.  Others I've studied with are: Dick Ensing, Sterling Edwards, Margaret Holland Sargent, Skip Lawrence, Carl Samson, Paul deMarrais, Steve Childs, Tom Edgerton, Richard Whitney, John Howard Sanden, and Kevin Beck.


All media and subject matter keep my interest, but portraiture would emerge as my favorite.  I secured my first commission in 1962 and continue that work to this day.  I maintain memberships in various organizations and plein air groups.


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