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About Thomas

I retired in 2007 looking forward to spending time in our home studio with Carol doing more than just occasionally dabbling in art. Unfortunately, even retirement has a way of becoming cluttered with "have to's" and studio time hasn't been all that plentiful.  Don't get me wrong, life and retirement are absolutely wonderful!  We're fortunate to live in the beautiful high country of northwestern North Carolina and have all our children and grandchildren close by.


I've loved drawing as long as I remember, but I've never been good with colors, thus the natural migration to pen and ink.  My first commission was in the early 1980's and was a line drawing of a local church.  Since then I've strictly used the pointillism technique and in the last few years have found new materials and instruments that I think have greatly improved my work.  In addition to pen and ink, I'm considering graphite and colored pencil in my future plans.


Speaking of plans...I'm not making any.  Just going to the studio and see what happens.  I will do artistic, architecturally correct commissions as well as prints and note cards of landmarks in  the Blowing Rock and Blue Ridge Parkway area.  I do know that I will spend more time in the studio enjoying my art and especially being there with Carol(who is a much more versatile artist than I).  See for yourself.



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