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Erin Peters(daughter)       Erin recently became a mother for the first time at age 42 and her talents have gone off in a different direction.  We don't think she minds at all.  Before motherhood she was becoming an accomplished encaustic painter and photographer and was showing her work in galleries in North Carolina.  In addition, she has her own unique, creative designs on various items in Cafe Press.  Art has taken a back seat and we don't mind.


Julie Davis(daughter)       Julie has a degree in art marketing and a background in printing and fine art and is the owner and sole instructor of the Periwinkle Art School in Banner Elk, N.C.  She specializes in original colored pencil, acrylic and watercolor media.  We may be slightly prejudiced, but we think her colored pencil work is among the best we've ever seen.  Her work can be seen at and


John Peters(son-in-law)  John is a new stay-at-home dad, an amazing self-taught cook and has become very successful in art metalsmithing.  His unique jewelry is drawing praise from around the world.  He makes us even prouder to visit his site and see that he has a five star rating among over a thousand reviews.  His work can be seen at www.etsy.comshopdogskinstudio.


Joel Thompson(son)           This is one of those "what might have been" stories.  Joel has an abundance of artistic abilities but vehemently denies it and refuses to use them.  Two of the most creative pieces we've seen, he did(or was compelled to do) in high school.  Maybe someday.


Erin Thompson(daughter-in-law)         Erin is a lovely young lady with an abundance of talent in jewelry design and creation.  She recently received her teaching certificate and that is consuming most of her time as you might expect. Her jewelry has also been available online.


David Davis(son-in-law)    Dave is a professional multimedia designer, creative director and artist working in digital and traditional media and oil and acrylic paint on canvas.  Most of his professional work was design for internationally recognized sports teams.  His traditional art can be seen at


Victoria Davis(grand daughter)     It's in the genes, but may be leaning toward music.


Ezra Peters(grandson)         We'll see.  I hope he devotes his time to baseball and plays for the Tarheels.


Ruby Thompson(grand daughter)       Only six months old with the biggest and prettiest eyes you'll ever see.



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